YuFei Fine Jewellery Boutique

YuFei’s boutique is arranged as a hierarchy of intimate spaces in which fine jewellery pieces are displayed and enjoyed. The design is informed by a contemporary response to elements of the Classic Gardens of Suzhou in Jiangsu province, China.

On arrival at the boutique, clients are welcomed into a small reception, partitioned with fine screens, providing subtle glimpses of the illuminated works beyond. A network of translucent screens creates a series of semi-partitioned spaces and pathways to follow through the boutique. Discreet views of work are provided as the client passes around the screens.

This sequence of preview spaces leads to the Dressing Room where guests are invited to a dressing table to view items more intimately. The Dressing Room is a discreet and indulgent space. There is a luxurious quality to the texture of surfaces and materials, and lighting. Colours and touch are married with elegant movement.

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